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Weekly Maintenance

We conducted an extensive survey of pool owners asking what their biggest frustration was with their pool. No matter who built it the results were overwhelming. Pool owners said that they loved their pool but could find better things to do with their family rather than spending time cleaning the pool. What about you?

Do You Give Your Pool The Attention It Needs Every Week Like Southernwind Pool Cleaning Professionals?

Let Southernwind Pools Take Care Of Your Weekly Pool Cleaning.

Keeping a swimming pool clean and healthy can be a challenge. Even with modern pool chemicals, reading all those labels can be confusing. Pool chemicals work hard to control bacteria, algae and fungus. If mishandled, however, these same chemicals are incompatible and mixing them can result in hazardous fumes or strong reactions. That’s why we encourage and promote professional weekly pool cleaning by Southernwind Pools. Let our team of experienced and seasoned professionals handle it all for you so you won’t have to worry about painful injuries to your family.

If you choose to clean your own pool, we encourage you to follow these 2 safety tips:

1. Use protective equipment when handling chemicals including rubber gloves, and a plastic apron. Wear goggles or a face shield to protect your eyes.

2. Avoid inhaling fumes. Immediately wash any part of your body that comes in contact with pool chemicals for at least 15 minutes with running water.

You Can Save Time, Effort And Money Every Month With A Southernwind Pool Cleaning Professional

You receive our professional full service weekly cleaning and we provide the chemicals. Our full service cleaning means that your pool will receive consistent weekly cleaning. That’s our job and we take it seriously. Just think, you won’t have to take the time brushing, vacuuming, emptying baskets, checking and maintaining optimum water chemistry, guessing, or running to the store to buy chemicals. We do all of that for you. The only thing you do is maintain the water level of your pool and check the skim baskets to ensure proper circulation of your pool in between cleans.

Your Pool Cleaning Experience Is Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If at any time you are not satisfied with a clean, we will re-clean your pool at no charge within 24 hours of the initial clean. You get our No Questions Asked Satisfaction Guarantee. When we clean your pool and we find any aspect of your pool that requires repair, we will contact you immediately. You save money and are never surprised. We maintain over 250 pools weekly and our pool technicians are trained in chemical usage & hazards.

We’ve Saved The Best News For Last…
No Yearly Contracts!

That’s right. We’re one of the few pool cleaning professionals in the DFW metroplex that does not require you to sign a contract. Our professional cleaning service is on a month-to-month. Say goodbye to binding yearly contracts!

Weekly Pool Cleaning with Chemicals Start At


Service includes:

  • Chlorine, acid, D.E., bicarb & soda ash
  • Empty pump & skimmer baskets
  • Vacuum pool
  • Check & balance water chemistry
  • Clean out automatic pool cleaner bag
  • Backwash as needed & add D.E
  • Brush & skim pool

Repair Services

At Southernwind Pools, we have an exemplary fully staffed certified PHTA in-house Repair Department that boasts over 20 years of experience.

We pride ourselves on fixing it right the first time, we don’t fix what’s not broken and we never charge more than it costs. You’ll never see any hidden fees or costs associated with a Southernwind Pool repair. Whenever you have a repair need, you will know exactly what we are doing and the exact amount of the repair before we move forward.

Service Calls offer:

  • Next Day Service in most cases
  • Factory Trained Techs
  • 3 Decades Experience

Service & Repairs

  • In-house technicians with over 3 decades experience.
  • Best equipment warranties in the business.
  • Factory recognized warranty station for Pentair Pool products, Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc, Hayward Industries, Inc. & Badu Jet, Speck Pumps Pool Products, Inc.

Filter Clean and Inspection as low as $165.00 including tax
(Excludes Swimquip HRP Series filters)

Service includes:

  • Disassemble & clean filter
  • Lubricate backwash valve
  • Inspect equipment & plumbing
  • Test freeze guard operation
  • Test G.F.C.I. for lights

For repair services, weekly maintenance services, or information about time-saving and energy-saving upgrades, please call us at 972-783-4090, use our Service Request Webform, or email our service department at

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