Build the Perfect Pool Environment with Jandy Pro Series


Southernwind Pool will help you build the perfect pool environment with Jandy Pro Series professional-grade swimming pool equipment. With a full line of pumps, filters, heaters, lights, valves, water sanitizers, and the automation solutions to control it all, Jandy has the complete equipment package for any swimming pool or spa. The Jandy Pro Series swimming pool equipment delivers the highest energy efficiency through their innovative design that maximizes hydraulic integrity. With their system you will use a lower horsepower pump and less plumbing pipe and fittings, all while reducing energy consumption and installation time.


Versa Plumb System

Versa PlumbThe Jandy Pro Series Versa Plumb System delivers the highest energy efficiency through its innovative design. The system connects our pumps, filters, valves, heaters, and salt systems using less plumbing pipe and fittings for increased hydraulic efficiency and use less horsepower for reduced energy consumption.



PumpsJandy Pro Series innovative pump designs are at the heart of the Versa Plumb System, enhancing energy efficiency. Its variable-speed and 2-speed pumps have earned the coveted ENERGY STAR® certification. These pumps are the most energy efficient, eco-friendly pumps available, and are proven to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® requirements for maximum energy savings.


Pool and Spa Heaters

Pools and Spa HeatersJandy Pro Series heaters' efficiency ratings are among the highest in the industry to help pool owners keep the cost of heating their pools low.


Sweep Elbows

Sweep ElbowsWe integrate Jandy Pro Series sweep elbows in Versa Plumb System for maximum hydraulic efficiency.


Pool Filters

FiltersThe complete line of Jandy Pro Series filters deliver the crystal clear water you desire, along with unique features for simple and effortless maintenance. These filters have easy-grip handles and extra-large drain ports for ease of installation and cleaning. They also contain a convenient pressure gauge with clean/dirty indicator for ease of use.