Chad Dains

General Manager


Chad manages the sales and design team at Southernwind Pools, working with the other designers to make sure every design is “a winner.” He’s been in the pool business since 2006, and his pool designs have won numerous Regional, National and International awards.

Chad originally started in construction as a teenager with a family friends concrete company. He was involved in the forming and pouring of the walls and flat work for large government and retail facilities, as well as numerous residential slabs and basements. This extensive exposure to construction methods, engineering and hydraulics gave him a strong knowledge base for understanding and embracing the intricacies of the construction of a swimming pool.

Chad strives to give his clients creative designs with a different perspective, with the added benefits of being easy to maintain, energy-efficient, and long-lasting.

Chad is also a Certified Building Professional® and a
Certified Pool Operator ®.